Proposed Site Plan

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Lidl Grove – Proposed Site Plan

Design and Layout

The proposed foodstore is designed to a high standard and will incorporate energy efficient building management systems and measures to maximise operational efficiency. This is key to Lidl’s business model so that it can pass these savings on to you, the customer.

The store has a gross internal area of 2,125 sqm, with 1,325 sqm of this being the sales floor.  The proposed sales floor provides wide aisles, an attractive modern layout, in-store bakery and customer WC.

The building uses high quality materials within a simple and modern design.  A glazed elevation provides an attractive, active frontage facing Grove Road and the store car park.  A canopy provides design interest as well as shelter to the customer entrance (which is on the north-west corner of the building) and to the proposed cycle storage and trolley bays.

The site will be regraded so that gradients across the car park and from Grove Road will allow for ease of access for disabled customers and for those with shopping trolleys.  This has the effect of setting the eastern boundary and most of the southern boundary below existing ground level, reducing the relative height of the building when viewed from a distance.

Significant space around the site boundaries will accommodate a variety of planting types to provide a high quality landscaped setting for the development. The landscaping proposals include shrub and tree planting, using native and ornamental species.


The development will be supported by 128 free car parking spaces for customers, including 8 disabled spaces and 8 parent & child spaces. 6 cycle stands are also proposed close to the entrance, providing storage space for 12 bikes.

Vehicular access is proposed from the Elms Business Park access road, accessed directly off Grove Road via a new bellmouth junction. The junction is designed so that it can accommodate Lidl’s staff, customer and servicing requirements, including allowing for two way traffic simultaneously.

Pedestrian access is also proposed adjacent to the pedestrian crossing on Grove Road and will be level for ease of access to the store entrance. This will also provide access from the existing cycle route on Grove Road.

Opening hours

It is proposed that the retail store will be open between the hours of:

  • 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday; and
  • 10am to 4pm Sunday.

Benefits of the Proposed Development

The development of the site will provide the following benefits:

  • A modern and purpose built store that will incorporate Lidl’s very latest internal layout and which will provide a high quality shopping experience for its customers.
  • A new Discount Foodstore, which add to consumer choice and provide for weekly and day-to-day shopping needs for residents of Grove and Wantage.
  • A modern and energy efficient building with a contemporary and bespoke design utilising high quality materials specifically chosen for this store in this location.
  • The creation of additional employment opportunities with the store employing up to 40 staff.
  • Free surface level car parking.
  • A dedicated in-store bakery.